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E-le.G.A.N.T.S. aims to establish new skills, concerning technological knowledge, training tools, knowledge sharing, networking, performing art and the ability to translate them into job opportunities, in the HEIs of three Western Balkan’s targeted at developing a new digital readiness and at changing the relationship between curricula, skills, and performing events in a distant perspective digital dimension.
The specific objectives of the project concern the role of higher education institutions in the partner countries for economic and social development and their specific capacities to link the academic world of culture and art, research activities to the labour market and civil society. The project focuses on three key aspects:
1. Develop digital readiness in partners’ HEIs restructuring training models and contents.
2. To prepare HEI student in in ALB, MNE, and KOSOVO in order to enhance in a more effective way their (self) employability and the capacity to access the Creative Economy.
3. Develop skills to tackle future employment perspectives and build international aggregated answer through a digital transformation, that, by definition, is borderless and asks to work globally
The main output that project is committed to produce are:
• Online trained course and implemented toolkit
• Set up an LMS (MOOC) Platform and produced Learning objects
• Organized StartCup
The project has a flexible approach in order to adapt the learning outcomes to the particular needs and digital skills of the participating learners, and will be structured in a way that allows them to improve their skills in a practical and concrete way, gaining a broader understanding and exchanging best practices and experiences. The students are the first beneficiaries of the project together with the teachers and other educational staff that will have the opportunity to integrate digital tools into their teaching.