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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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4 – Self-entrepreneurship and business planning

Self-entrepreneurship can be presented from different angles, such as, the ability to turn an idea into a business, becoming self-sufficient, responsible and flexible. These skills are increasingly on demand in modern organisations which associate self- entrepreneurship to values such as loyalty and motivation.

In order to enhance these skills it is necessary to delve into themes such as self-realisation and self-motivation which allow personal and business growth.

The proposed educational activities aim to provide a range of skills needed in the labour market, while at the same time, emphasise the value of independence, as a necessary means to creativity.

The course is organised in 4 modules.  1) Self-entrepreneurship, a necessary skill to develop in those wishing to create a business, is presented as an experience of personal growth within the organisation. 2) Business planning, deals with the main aspects to evaluate the feasibility of a business idea and is at the basis of business management in already established companies. 3) Business Model Canvas is focused on the model characteristics and its functioning. To conclude, 4) The Social Business plan, which starting from the definition of no profit, identifies the key elements of a business.

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