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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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3 – Elements of communication for young people taking part in work experience schemes

Adopting the right communication strategy in different contexts improves the functionality of work processes and obtains better results while preserving and promoting the wellbeing of the organisation.

Knowing the core elements of communication can favour a more aware integration of the students into the world of work.

The proposed activity aims to provide young people with some basic elements of communication by delving into the subject from different angles. The roles and actions of the actors involved in the communication process are defined starting from the etymology of the word “Communicate” from the latin “communis agree” (to pool and share). The identification of the most common mistakes, helps to define the pillars of active listening.

The role of mass media is also examined, especially as far as the potentials of social networking sites and social media at work are concerned.

Social media channels are a very powerful communication tool through which a company can make itself known, carry out marketing campaigns and secure customers loyalty.

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