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Work and training: the intervention strategies to address professional change

A reflection on the present job market crisis and the new barriers to enter the labour market in order to outline some of the challenges that workers have to face up to in their career.  This is the perspective chosen by Immacolata Messuri, researcher in general and social pedagogy at IUL university, in her article “ Utopian planning and work identities”, published last December in the journal of educational and training studies (Studi di Formazione 20,375-386,2017-2).

The article presents an intervention strategy based on individual “Utopian planning”, which should be characterised by an active and proactive attitude. Planning one’s own professional future means also taking responsibility for the outcome, without being discouraged by negative experiences. In this regard, it is necessary to acquire specific and competitive professional competencies, and at the same time respond to unforeseen needs in different work environments, by capitalising on previous experiences. The new labour marker requires strategies of professional and educational planning from a young age. In light of these themes, the counselling strategy can address the need of supporting individuals in creating their new professional identities.