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Until Friday 29 October, the online ESM’ 2021 conference on modelling and simulation

The 35th edition of the European annual conference ESM’ 2021 – European Simulation and Modelling, on research, innovation and technologies for modelling and simulation is underway from today, 27 October, until Friday 29.

The three-day conference – organised by Eurosis in collaboration with IUL online University and organised under the aegis of Sydc will be the occasion to showcase the most recent and advanced scientific works on:

– Environmental Sustainability Issues

– Simulation Modelling of Industrial Clusters & Simulation Modeling of Industries

– System Dynamics and Quantitative Methods for the Analysis of Societal Threats

– Modelling and Simulating the Behavioural Dynamics or Organized Groups

– Modelling and Simulation as a Decision Support Tools for Measuring and Predicting Social Impacts

– Modeling and simulation, Data Analytics and BPM as Enablers of the Next Evolution of AI to support Organizational Decision Making and Governance

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