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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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Tuttoscuola: The free webinar “Technologies and education, how to experience edutainment in the classroom”

A simple internet connection enables the connection of different classes, in video conference, to confront, interact and share pathways and didactic activities, such as guided virtual tours in distant places, and also lessons on specific technology-related subjects, for a state of the arts experience of edutainment.

Tuttoscuola, has always been committed to best practices research and organises a free webinar on 7 February at 5 pm aiming at disseminating stimulating experiences. The title of the webinar is “Learning about best practices in competencies and technologies: A journey around the world with Skype in the classroom”.

The webinar is moderated by Prof. Cristiana Pivetta, technology expert, and aims to show how some free technological tools can contribute to didactical planning and teaching, while at the same time affecting the contents of the lessons and students’ motivation.

Virtual experiences  enhance students’ critical thinking contributing to building the sense of belonging to a global community. The webinar will provide teachers with tools and practical proposals to implement a similar pathway tailored to students’ needs.

Join in the webinar and get ready for an exciting and valuable didactical journey!