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The European Commission supporting the educational emergency: on Wednesday 13 May the webinar with Michael Teutsch and Hannah Grainger Clemson

IUL online university offers the free webinar “The European Commission supporting the educational emergency”.

The event, carried out in English, is scheduled for Wednesday 13 May at 5 pm.

The speakers, Dr. Michael Teutsch and Dr. Hannah Grainger Clemson, Representatives from the European Commission, will present an overview of the different challenges that school education systems are facing during the COVID-19 crisis, and how the Commission has been supporting policy makers, schools and teachers.

These challenges include:

➢  supporting teachers and learners in online and distance learning


➢ internet infrastructure;

➢ assessment and examinations;

➢  supporting disadvantaged learners;

➢ the various steps to closing and re-opening schools.


As a constantly evolving situation, the experiences are diverse within and across countries, however many common issues and ideas for the future are already emerging.

The discussion will be useful for anyone interested in a broad European perspective on the impact of the pandemic on school education.


Online enrolment is open! After filling out the registration form, users will receive the confirmation via e-mail.


For further information:


>>The information sheet of the webinar “The European Commission supporting the educational emergency”