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Student Assembly

The Student Assembly is the consultative body of the University and oversees the coordination of the democratic participation of students in the life of the University and of the territory (see University Statute, p.23).

The Assembly is made up of a representation of University students consisting of a maximum of 5 members elected from among the University students.  Its term of office lasts one year, and its members can be re-elected.

The assembly:

  • Formulates proposals and, if requested by the President or the Rector, expresses opinions on issues relating to teaching, student services and the right to study;
  • expresses opinions on the organization of part-time student services to support teaching, research and the right to study;
  • expresses proposals and formulates projects on collateral cultural initiatives and recreational activities, including amateur and competitive sport activities;
  • sets up the Regulations for its functioning, which must be approved by the University’s Board of Directors;
  • elects the President from among its members.

By resolution of the Board of Directors, the University can provide to the Assembly an annual budget for its autonomous functioning.

The members elected in the Student Assembly, in this electoral round will be 5 and will take part as listeners, in the meetings of the following University Bodies:

  1. Faculty Council
  2. Department Council
  3. Academic Senate
  4. Board of Directors
  5. Evaluation Unit
  • STEFANO FABRIZI (Course of study L-24)
  • ROMANO ANTONELLO (Course of study L-33)
  • CASULA MARIANNA (Course of study L-24)
  • FEDERICO CALLEGARINI (Course of study LMG-01)
  • STEFANO FEDI (Course of study L-22)