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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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The Placement Office of IUL University is responsible for accompanying the transition of students to the labour market and improving their employability.

Specifically, these are the activities it carries out:

  • Organization of individual interviews in order to profile skills, even in a broader sense, the areas of interest, the predisposition to travel across the territory, their objectives. Evaluation and improvement of the curriculum vitae.
  • Offering of opportunities to apply for reserved job positions through web meetings in direct dialogue with the proposing company/body.
  • Online collaboration with the already affiliated technological centres, which are currently in a phase of great increase, to activate internships and extracurricular internships or to intercept possible job offers in the area by exploiting their capillarity and deep knowledge of local needs.
  • Activating workshops and seminars aimed at developing self-entrepreneurship, both by providing useful skills from a regulatory point of view, and with a focus on the personal skills to be developed in order to actively propose oneself in the world of work.
  • Creation (from the second year of studies) of meeting opportunities with trainers who offer content on the know-how, good practices, and on the performance of activities and tasks related to degree courses: this means knowledge applied to the daily practice that is complementary to the theoretical study of the subject and support for a concrete usability.
  • Collection of testimonials from former students who, thanks to the qualification obtained with us, have improved their job position, or found more satisfying opportunities, and who want to document and share their path in order to be an inspiration to others.

To find out more about our activities or make an appointment: