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The Telematic University IUL offers guidance services mainly in three steps of the university career: incoming, ongoing and outgoing.

The choice of the course of study has significant importance, for this reason the University guides the student through orientation activities linked to a monitoring and evaluation process. In addition, the IUL online university training model is flexible, customizable and student-centred.

The University guidance service is aimed at new students, enrolled students, undergraduates, recent graduates and all those interested in IUL’s training offer. University guidance, as defined in the “Guidelines for guidance services” published by the Ministry of Education, helps people to develop their identity, to make decisions about their personal and professional life, to facilitate the match between training supply and demand, and subsequently, between labour supply and demand.

For the guidance service, you can write to the email address:

or call these phone numbers: 055 2380385/055 2380568