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Expert Teacher

IUL online university and Erickson study centre promote a specialisation course addressed to teachers wishing to acquire professional skills in the various areas of school organisation.


The specialisation course foresees 5 training paths forming 5 different professional profiles.

The course is addressed, in particular, to teachers of schools of all types and levels and is an educational path aimed at providing teachers with the new competences for innovation, improvement, organisational learning, team work, relationship dynamics in the different contexts involving the complexity of school organisation and the teaching profession.

The course is especially addressed to teachers of schools of all types and levels but also to all those wishing to start the teaching profession and consolidate their competences.

The total price for enrolment, attendance, final exam and qualification attainment is € 490.00.

The price may be subject to discounts or reductions according to Erickson’s commercial policies.



Registration for the course is open:

  • until 15/02/2020 for profile 1;
  • until 15/4/20 for profile 2 and 3;
  • until 15/10/20 for profile 4 and 5.


Payment can be made through the methods allowed by Erickson: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Pay Pal, Teacher’s Card. All indications relating to the methods of payment will be indicated during the registration phase through the Erickson e-commerce system.

In case of late payment of the second instalment, the student will be suspended from the course.

Furthermore, after the registration through the Erickson e-commerce system, it will be necessary to complete the registration with the University through the GOMP student portal ( Once the application has been completed online, it will be necessary to print it. Subsequently, the signed copy must be sent, with a stamp duty of € 16.00 to the postal address “Telematic University of Studies – IUL, Via M. Buonarroti, 10 – 50122 FLORENCE” indicating on the envelope the title of the course and the chosen profile “Enrolment for the specialisation course Expert Teacher – Profile 1 (2,3,4, 5) – student’s name and surname”.

For more information on the registration procedure on the GOMP portal and related obligations, you can contact the email address: or

For all other requests relating to the registration and payment procedures, it will be possible to contact


The IUL training model, flexible and customizable on the basis of students’ previous knowledge and experience, provides lectures and interactive teaching (forums, etivities, etc.) for each module.

Finally, the model adopted provides for assisted learning throughout the training course, as well as by the teachers, also by disciplinary tutors/trainers who are experts in the course content, and by a course tutor with transversal skills.

The goal of the course consists of the final work, mandatory for all, agreed with one of the teachers of the modules of the course. Essential requirement to be able to sit the dissertation is to have passed all the tests of the modules. The final work presentation will take place in one of the branch offices of IUL online university.

The 20 ECTS credits are organised as follows:


Profile 1 – specialisation course “Expert teacher: Expert in innovation of the teaching profession”


ModulesSDSECTSTot. hours
Module 1Being an innovatorM-PED/04 – experimental pedagogy9225
Module 2Problem solving and team workingM-PSI/04 –  Development and education psychology9225
Project work250


Profile 2 –  specialisation course “Expert teacher”: planning and evaluation in competence-based schools

ModulesSDSECTSTot. hours
Module 1Planning and activating competence-based teaching M-PED/04 – experimental pedagogy9225
Module 2


Evaluation in competence-based schoolsM-PSI/04 –  Development and education psychology9225
Project work250


Profile 3 –  specialisation course “Expert teacher”: training orientation and vertical curriculum

ModulesSDSECTSTot. hours
Module 1Planning a vertical school curriculum SPS/11 – Sociology of political phenomena9225
Module 2 Educational orientation (first and second cycle)  M-PED/03 – didactics and special pedagogy9225
Project work250


Profile 4 – specialisation course “Expert teacher: planning for school change”

ModulesSDSECTSTot. hours
Module 1Innovative learning environments M-PED/04 – experimental pedagogy9225
Module 2


Staff planning and managing improvement M-PED/03 –Didactics and special pedagogy9225
Project work250


Profile 5 – specialisation course “Expert teacher: differences enhancement and inclusion”

ModulesSDSECTSTot. hours
Module 1 Recognising, welcoming and enhancing all differencesM-PSI/04 – developmental psychology and psychology of education9225
Module 2


Peer observation and didactic competences  M-PSI/01 – General psychology9225
Project work250