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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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Student services office

Administration office

The Administration office is responsible for technical, administrative, financial and patrimonial management of the Italian University Line – IUL.

Academic office

The academic office is in charge of:

  • Favouring and promoting communication and information campaigns addressed to students
  • Managing reception and orientation services for the students (help desk)
  • Organising the timetable of synchronous meetings and publish notices on the platform
  • Managing administrative procedures
  • Drafting the certificates as enacted by law
  • Setting up forms and publish them on the university website
  • Setting up exams
  • Providing information on administrative procedures and deadlines

Supervising academic careers and organising the students archive


For further information:

Tel. 055 2380568 / 055 2380385;
Fax 055 2380395