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Schools and museums, the course for experts in cultural heritage education

IUL and the National association of small museums organise the specialisation and refresher course to form the professional figure of expert in school-museum joint laboratory activities

The specialisation course aims to create a professional figure able to establish partnerships between schools, museums, local entities, small museum institutions, and to integrate the school innovation process with activities for the valorisation of the territory and its historical heritage.

Italy has an extensive museological and natural heritage that is not always fully exploited. The expert on cultural heritage education is the professional figure created to fulfil the need of a closer and more productive relationship between schools and museums.

Therefore, the course aims to form a professional figure able to set up and develop innovative joint educational pathways to make the most of our cultural heritage in all its manifestations.

The deadline for enrolment is 31 March 2018

Didactic activities are delivered online and include students’ individual study on themes proposed by the teachers, and operational activities moderated by the tutors through videoconferences and forums. The course has a duration of one year, equals to 500 hours granting 20 ECTS credits.

The total cost of the course including lessons, final exam and conferment of certificate is € 500.000 payable in one lump sum at enrolment. Teachers’ tokens can be used to purchase the course. The educational offer is also available on the SOFIA portal.

The National association of small museums is a scientific-cultural not for profit organisation. It was founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting a new management culture for small museums, in order to address their specific needs which differ from those of large museums, in particular regarding the relationship with the territory, the local community, welcoming capacity and ways to deliver unique customer experiences.

For course information: – T. 0552380385 – – T. 3334497474