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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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Social learning and online interactive activities in university teaching

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IUL Università Telematica degli Studi

Project duration

2019- 2020

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High dropout rates in online training paths indicate that many students feel disconnected and isolated due to the distance between their trainer and them. This study hypothesizes that the introduction of social activities and a greater emphasis on collaborative and group learning in the online university path, have a positive impact both in terms of motivation and learning. The research aims to investigate to what extent and under what conditions this occurs, and what relationship can be established between social and collaborative activities and classical educational models. Through the targeted introduction of interactive and collaborative activities within existing university courses, the study aims to encourage the development of observable online communities and investigate the relationship between the social dimension and learning, critical thinking, motivation, and students’ satisfaction and awareness of educational objectives.