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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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The 5th Webinar of IUL and Microsoft: “Small schools and distance education” on 23 May at 5pm

The new appointment with the webinar organised by IUL and Microsoft’s platform for educators is the free webinar “Small schools and distance education”, scheduled for 23 May at 5pm.

The webinar is led by Indire’s researcher Jose Mangione; by the Microsoft technologies expert, Cristiana Pivetta; and by the primary school teachers, Daniela Di Blase and Mirella Moretta.

The webinar examines didactic approaches in the small schools emphasising the use of technology and its educational potential.

Implementing the adequate technological solutions in small schools helps to overcome social barriers hindering confrontation and allows simultaneous didactic experimentation in different classes. Extended learning environments and shared lessons are educational practices already experimented in small Italian schools. Video conference is the main educational tool to set up new curricula and specific teaching plans.

Video conferencing case studies of 1st cycle pluri-classes will be examined in the webinar in order to support reflection and dialogue on the sustainability and effectiveness of these educational models, by the use of skype.

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