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Qualify as a pedagogist with the Master’s degree in Science of Education

The amendments made by Budget Law 2018 introduced new requirements for professional educators.

From this year, the Master’s degree in Science of Education and adult Lifelong learning (LM-57) becomes a requirement to qualify as a Pedagogist.

IUL University has been offering for several years the Master’s degree Educational innovation and Lifelong learning (LM-57).

The course is entirely delivered online in order to meet students’ needs. Lessons can be followed everywhere and at any time. Exams can be taken in all the University brunches located on the national territory.

The course is mainly addressed to teachers, trainers and educational and curriculum experts. The aim is to form experts in the provision, promotion and organisation of educational services. Moreover, the course provides specialised knowledge in pedagogical, sociological, psychological, economic and ethical sciences.  Special attention is also dedicated to knowledge of historical, legal and business nature.

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