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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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Education and training: pedagogy 2.0 (24 ECTS credits)

Those wishing to start a career in education and training know that they are going to play a vital an extremely delicate role in society. People develop their own character, inclinations and intelligence forming their personality over time. The choices they’ll make later on in life reflect their life experience.

Educators are entrusted with a crucial function as accompanying people in their growth path is a role of great responsibility which must be taken on with commitment and comprehensive competencies.

The educational process is made up of many factors influencing the final result from a personal and professional point of view. For this reason, a multidisciplinary approach must be taken in order to understand the educational, pedagogical and psychological dimension of Education. It is therefore crucial to acquire competencies in the pedagogical, methodological, didactic and psychological sectors.

The course aims to deepen and consolidate core competencies in the pedagogical, psychological, and methodological fields through “reflective” pathways enabling the evaluation of strategies, tools and methods to improve the learning process.

The educational path is divided into two multidisciplinary modules pivoting around the following disciplines:

  • Anthropological, psychological and pedagogical disciplines
  • Pedagogical, philosophical, psychological and humanistic subjects.


The first module is a multidisciplinary pathway granting 24 ECTS credits in anthropological, psychological, methodological and didactical technologies which are required also as access requirement for the national public exam for upper and lower secondary school teachers, pursuant to legislative decrees No. 59 of 13 April 2017, and No.616 of 10 August 2017.

The second module centres around philosophy and human sciences. The educational targets are those included in the annexes to the legislative decree No. 616 of 10 August 2017.