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Outgoing orientation

During the study period, the university offers the opportunity to get in touch with the job market. The university has built a contacts network encompassing different professional realities: companies, training bodies, schools and institutes of all types and levels.

The outgoing orientation programme is addressed to graduating and newly graduate students and offers placement activities to support a successful transition from study to work. Outgoing orientation provides information on how to approach the professional world, seize opportunities or re-enter the job market.

The placement service is linked to the outgoing orientation programme which offers:

  • Meetings with companies/bodies in order to promote internships;
  • Inclusion of graduates’ resumes in the university’s data bank, accessible to companies;
  • Overview of the main professions which can be accessed from the university’s courses of studies and of the link between academic studies and professional activities;
  • Job research channels and study opportunities through the university’s job placement service;
  • Presentation of the main cultural exchange programmes;
  • The annual Career day.


In order to participate in our activities please contact us at:

Orientation office |

Silvia Eramo

Tel. 055 2380385