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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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IUL – Italian University line provides incoming, ongoing and outgoing orientation for its students.

Choosing the right study path is a crucial step in anyone’s life. To this end, IUL provides guidance to students through orientation activities included in the monitoring and evaluation process. Moreover, IUL’s educational model is flexible, personalised and student-centred.

Orientation is addressed to freshmen students, students already enrolled, near-graduates, newly graduates and to all those interested in IUL’s educational offer. As provided for by MIUR’s orientation guidelines, orientation serves the purpose of helping people in developing their own identities, and taking decisions regarding their personal and professional life, by building a bridge between supply and demand in training and education, in view of the job market situation.

The orientation office is available to provide In person support and assistance, during office hours, and by email at

To participate in our activities contact the Orientation office|
Tel. 055 2380385