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National Training Plan for teachers

IUL online university offers 9 courses granting 3 ECTS each for the National Training Plan as required by the Ministry of Education.

The educational offer delves into the themes of the National Training Plan, in order to meet teachers’ specific lifelong learning requirements. Teachers can chose the curriculum and follow all the didactic activities online. The final test must be taken in person in one of the many accredited branches of IUL university on the national territory.

The minimum access requirement is a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent title. As an exception, admission is open also to those not holding a degree, following teachers and course secretariat’s decision. In this case the course is intended as a professional updating course and a certificate of attendance will be issued at completion of the course.

Each course has a duration of about two months for a total of 75 hours equals to 3 ECTS credits. At the end of the course there is a final test to be taken in person.

The editions of the courses are:

  • 1st edition, 1 October- 20 March 2018
  • 2nd edition, 20 March – 10 May 2018
  • 3rd edition, 10 May – 29 June 2018
  • 4th edition, 29 June – 31 August 2018

In order to enroll, contact IUL’s secretariat at

The total cost (including registration, final test and course certificate) is €100 to be paid in a lump sum at enrolment. The teachers’ token for cultural activities can be used to purchase the course.

The educational offer is available also on the SOFIA portal. The minimum number of participants to activate the course is 25. Teachers can enroll in more than one course at the same time.

The 9 courses, granting 3 ECTS credits each, are:


PNF01 – Curricula autonomy

National training plan

Expert: Dino Cristanini

Lecturer: Antonella Turchi


PNF02 – strategies, techniques and tools for competencies-based teaching

Evaluation an improvement

Expert: Giancarlo Cerini

Lecturer: Raffaella Carro

Duration: 75 hours


PNF03 – First steps in the introduction of digital technologies at school

Digital competencies and new learning environments

Scientific director: Elena Mosa

Lecturer: Federico Longo

Duration: 75 hours


PNF04 – CLIL methods in 21st Century school

Language competencies

Experts: Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo

Lecturer: Letizia Cinganotto

Duration: 75 hours


PNF05 – Tools for inclusion

Disability and inclusion

Expert: Dario Ianes

Duration: 75 hours


PNF06 – Models for the development of resources and opportunities in the school context and in the educational community

Social cohesion and prevention of youth maladjustment

Expert: Patrizia Garista

Duration: 75 hours


PNF07 – Interculturality: a brief history of literature

Integration, citizenship competencies and global citizenship

Expert: Fausto Benedetti

Lecturer: Francesco Vettori

Duration: 75 hours


PNF08 – The development of the regulation and the productive system

School and work

Expert: Antonella Zuccaro

Duration: 75 hours


PNF09 – Evaluation and self-evaluation for school improvement

Evaluation and improvement

Expert: Massimo Faggioli

Lecturer: Francesca Storai

Duration: 75 hours

For further information:

The National training plan complies with the latest school reform (Law 107/2015, known as “the good school”) according to which professional updating is compulsory, continuous and standardized and can be delivered in person or online by subjects which have been accredited at national level with a new procedure able to guarantee quality and consistency of the service on the entire country.