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“Leadership, innovation and organisational change” the call for abstracts of the scientific journal IUL Research has been published

The scientific journal IUL research (the scientific journal of IUL online university) has published the call for abstracts entitled “Leadership, innovation and organisational change. Promoting professional learning communities”, compiled by Angelo Paletta, Serena Greco ed Enrique Martín Santolaya.

From an organisational point of view the pandemic is the example of an exceptionally serious emergency situation which has required strategic discontinuity and the capacity to manage change at a collective level.

Leadership, innovation and organisational change are central themes to understand which organisational models enabled timely adaptation to contextual changes due to the lockdown, and guaranteed quality and equity of educational processes.

The answers that schools were able to give to the emergency highlighted the importance of the sense of community. Therefore, enhancing the role of the middle manager is a priority in order to promote a new organisational model, pivoting around distributed leadership and teachers’ active participation in a professional community which is centred on students’ learning outcomes, and is organised as a professional learning community.

The aim of the call is therefore gathering contributions which would enable to extend the ongoing ideas exchange, giving ground to theoretical in depths, research projects and shared field experiences.

Contributions specifically oriented to the study of one of the following themes will be accepted: 

1. Innovative experiences of shared leadership;

2. Organisational change experiences;

3. Leadership of the head teacher;

4. The role of the middle manager in the management of organisational change;

5. Quality, equity and social justice during Covid-19;

6. Outline of the Professional Learning Community;

7. The school as a learning organisation;

8. Extending the relationship between the school and the territory

9. Relationships with the learning community;

10. Educational community pacts

11. Active participation experiences of students in decision making processes;

12. Organisational innovation.

IUL research is the open access scientific journal of IUL online university which gathers the best contributions on the theme of cutting-edge didactics, actively contributing to the debate on the innovation of educational systems. The journal directed by Giovanni Biondi is an editorial initiative open to the scientific community and is maintained thanks to national and international public calls.

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