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“Europe for Youth”, the project to raise awareness of European citizenship in schools, gets underway

IUL Online University, in partnership with the Municipality of Nettuno and the ITIS-LSA “Luigi Trafelli” of Nettuno, presented the project “Europe 4 Youth” which aims to promote European policies, citizenship and European integration with the involvement of institutions, universities, schools and all those who are interested in these issues.

The project involves the organization of a training/information path consisting of a cycle of webinars and educational support activities focused on the opportunities offered by European programmes: study, training and mobility, dissemination of knowledge of European values ​​and common rights, of rights deriving from European citizenship and the importance of developing European integration, the Erasmus 2021-2027 programme, mobility opportunities for young European citizens, and digital citizenship.

The initiative is aimed at students, teachers and all those interested in these issues.

Webinar Calendar – Week 1:

Monday 3 May at 12 – Speaker: Virgilio Dastoli. The discussed themes are: initiatives for the promotion of meetings and informed debates on the future of Europe, and on the principles of the protection of the rule of law.

Tuesday 4 May at 12 – Speaker: Paolo Ponzano. The discussed themes are: the dissemination of knowledge of common European values ​​and rights, rights deriving from European citizenship and the importance of developing European integration.

Wednesday 5 May at 12 – Speaker: Antonio Argenzano. The discussed themes are: the promotion of memory and the historical events that have characterized the path of European integration starting from the Ventotene Manifesto.

Thursday 6 May at 12 – Speaker: Sara Pagliai. The discussed themes are: the opportunities offered by European programmes for citizens, in particular, for the participation of young people in European study, training and mobility programmes.

Friday 7 May at 3 pm – Speaker: Simona Baggiani. The discussed themes are: European education systems and Education and Training 2020 targets: towards a European education area 2025.

To participate in the project and follow the webinars, just fill out the registration form. Shortly before the starting of the webinar, users will receive guidance for accessing the live session, via email.

For information and technical assistance:

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