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LM-57 Adult education innovation and lifelong learning in national and international contexts

Corso di Laurea Magistrale in "Innovazione educativa e apprendimento permanente nella formazione degli adulti in contesti nazionali e internazionali" [Classe LM-57]

The Master’s degree course in “Adult education innovation and lifelong learning in national and international contexts” (class LM-57 science of adult education and lifelong learning) forms professional figures specialised in designing, implementing and evaluating educational and training activities in the lifelong learning sector and in professional updating.

The Master’s course  2019/2020 edition is more strongly focused on adult training, and the planning and designing of educational programmes, both in continuous education and lifelong learning, with special attention to international contexts.

Some teachings are strongly oriented towards planning and managing of training programmes in a European and international frameworks, exploiting INDIRE’s competences and professionalities, including the Erasmus national agency and EURYDICE national unit.

Students are invited to undertake their traineeship in IUL’s affiliated agencies and institutions also at international level. The Italian Erasmus agency is going to take in students as part of the traineeship opportunities offered.


The course aims to form a professional figure able to operate through the understanding of social, educational, social assistance and training needs, relating to individual and social problems linked also to discomfort, marginality, inoccupation and unemployment, by recognising social, economic, productive change, and developing special attention to recruiting and valorising social and human resources on the territory.

In particular, the master’s course aims to provide:

  • Knowledge and skills in pedagogical, sociological, psychological economical and ethical sciences. The course focuses especially on the planning, organisation, and coordination of educational, socio-rehabilitating and training services for continuous and socio-rehabilitating learning;
  • Historical, juridical and entrepreneurship knowledge. Special attention is dedicated to documentation processes, information and services to individuals, and to national, regional and EU regulations, concerning the organisation of educational and socio-rehabilitating services and continuous learning, and also to the evolution of the production system, training demand and equal opportunities in the job market.


The course forms for the professions included in the ISTAT’s classification of occupations, such as education and training professionals (2.6.5). In particular, teachers of continuous learning and professional updating ( and experts in training curriculum design (

The professions included in this professional group teach children, youths and adults in social-professional difficulty and/or with learning difficulties. They design and modify curricula in relation to subjects’ specific needs; they train students to the use of specific learning support techniques; they take part in in decisions regarding school organisation, didactics, educational and training offer; they manage relations with families and other relevant subjects.


Admission requirements for the master’s degree programme are the following:


1) a Bachelor’s degree of class L-19 (ex D.M. 270) or class 18 (ex D.M. 509);

2) a Bachelor’s degree of classes other than those referred to in point 1) with the acquisition of at least 60 ECTS divided into the following disciplinary areas:

– 30 ECTS credits in courses related to the subject area of ​​M-PED;

– 30 ECTS credits in courses related to the subject areas of M-FIL, M-PSI, SPS, M-DEA.



It is also required an adequate personal preparation in the psycho-pedagogical, linguistic/literary/ artistic, socio/historical/philosophical and scientific disciplines, as well as the knowledge of English at least at level B1.

The procedures for verifying the entry requirements are governed by the Didactic Regulations of the course of study.

For students enrolling in the first year, a study orientation interview is scheduled, according to a pre-arranged calendar. During the interview with the president of the degree course and the teachers involved, the verification of previous knowledge is also carried out.

The amount of fees may vary according to the individual income bracket, as determined in the table below:

Income Bracket  Gross taxable income of the previous calendar year  First instalment


Second instalment Total to be paid
1 UP to € 31,000.00 € 1,100.00 € 700.00 €1,800.00 
2 Over € 31,000.00 € 1,100.00 € 1,100.00 € 2,200.00


In case of enrolment/initial registration/transfer, the amount of the revenue stamp, € 16.00, must be added to this amount.


The annual fee can be divided into two instalments:

  • the first instalment, of € 1,100 (one thousand and one hundred), to be paid together with the presentation of the enrolment application/first registration (if carried out before 10 May 2021);
  • the second instalment must be paid by May 10th, 2021. At the request of the student who demonstrates belonging to income bracket n. 1 (see table above) the amount of the second instalment will be € 700,00 (seven hundred), instead of € 1,100 (one thousand and one hundred).

The student who intends to make use of this reduction must connect to the student portal and select the “Income tax return”, in the “Personal data” menu, and follow the procedure indicated.   One of the following forms: CUD, Mod. Unico or Form 730 of the year 2020 (referring to the year 2019) must be necessarily attached. Unemployed students will have to upload a substitutive declaration of certification (according to art.46, of Presidential decree No. 445 of 2000).

The student who intends to make use of this reduction must carry out this procedure before the expiry date of the second instalment. Those who have not submitted the request for reduction of the second instalment will be required to pay the instalment envisaged for bracket n.2 above.

Those who will enrol after 8th May 2020 will have to pay the enrolment fee (1.800,00/2.200,00 euros) in a single solution and submit the application to reduce the second instalment together with the enrolment.

The payment of the second instalment made after the deadline set by the Administration (for those who will register before 8th May 2020) will be subject to the payment of the default fees determined as follows:

– delays up to 30 days: arrears € 30;

– delays of more than 30 days: arrears € 50;


Students regularly enrolled in the years preceding the academic year 2019/2020 must comply with the following deadlines for payments:

  • the first instalment by 5 October 2020;
  • the second instalment by 10 May 2021.

For payments made after the established terms, the default fees will be applied as indicated above.

In order to take the exams or other forms of verification and to acquire the relative credits, students must be up-to-date with the payment of the fees due. It will not be possible to issue any certificate concerning the university career of students whose position is irregular.

Persons with disabilities are not required to pay the second instalment of university fees, with recognition of handicap pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, of Law 104 of 1992, or with a disability equal to or greater than 66%. In this case, the total to be paid will be € 1,100.00 (one thousand and one hundred), to be paid together with the presentation of the enrolment application.

In addition, the costs for enrolment in IUL’s degree and master courses can be sustained by using the teacher bonus card.

fter online enrolment, the student is assigned the credentials (username and password) to access the IUL platform.

Within the IUL platform it is possible to follow the video lessons at any time of the day and from any device. For each discipline, support materials (slides and documents in pdf format) and podcasts are available. The student is assisted throughout the course by a specialized tutor who supports the entire educational activity through the forum and responds to requests for further information. In addition, virtual (synchronous) optional meetings are planned which involve the whole class. At the end of each module, the student takes intermediate tests (study of single cases or project work).


Exams take place in person in one of IUL’s affiliated centres in Italy.

La durata del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in “Innovazione educativa ed apprendimento permanente nella formazione degli adulti in contesti nazionali ed internazionali”, Classe LM-57, è di due anni, per un totale di 120 CFU.
Per l’anno accademico 2020/2021 i periodi di inizio e di termine delle attività didattiche sono così fissati: 14 Ottobre 2020 – 5 Giugno 2021.

I year

Adult education pedagogy M-PED/01 12
Experimental pedagogy for educational digital learning M-PED/04 12
 Life Span Developmental Psychology M-PSI/04 6
Ethics and Complex Systems M-FIL/03 6
Information technology for adult training INF/01 6
Design and management of European and international programmes SECS-P/08 12
Foreign language skills (English language laboratory) 6


II year

Educational models of continuous learning M-PED/02 6
 Theory and practice of democracy SPS/11 6
IT and telematic skills 6
Adult linguistic training and literacy  L-LIN/01  12
 Social psychology *  M-PSI/05  6 *
Contemporary history and history of international relations *  M-STO/04  6 *
 History of science and techniques *  M-STO/05  6 *
Values and training in complex societies * M-FIL/06 6 *
Training and orienteering internships 6
Other abilities – research laboratory 4
Final dissertation 8
Total 120

*Student’s choice exam (12 ECTS in total)


  • Immatricolazione ai Corsi di Studio: 24 Agosto 2020 - 16 Luglio 2021
  • Apertura richieste di Riconoscimento CFU/ Nullaosta magistrale: 31 Agosto 2020
  • Scadenza pagamento prima rata per iscrizioni anni successivi al primo: 5 Ottobre 2020
  • Scadenza pagamento seconda rata: 10 Maggio 2021
  • Scadenza richiesta di reimmatricolazione/riconoscimento CFU in ingresso a.a. 2020/2021: 28 Maggio 2021
  • Scadenza domanda di trasferimento in ingresso: 28 Maggio 2021
  • Scadenza iscrizione ai Corsi Singoli/ Scadenza richieste di Nulla osta magistrale: 16 Luglio 2021