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L-22 Sports science, management and practice of sport activities

Corso di Laurea Triennale in “Scienze Motorie, pratica e gestione delle attività sportive” [Classe L-22]

The Bachelor’s degree programme “Sports science, management and practice of sport activities” (L22) is in line with IUL’s educational offer and its mission, devoted to the themes of pedagogy and didactics in language teaching, the use of new technologies, and communication strategies in education and training dynamics. Moreover, the course is in line with the university’s aim of being a point of reference for lifelong learning for everyone wishing to acquire knowledge in their professional sector or to get back to education. The course is in line with the fundamental value of the university which is not just governed by market dynamics, but first and foremost aims at providing quality education for all.

The degree programme is aimed at all those with a vocation for sports. The course provides knowledge of themes relating to anatomy, biology, personal trainer techniques and curricular disciplines.
The course allows the development of adequate abilities to guarantee sports training for athletes and transmit the values of sports.
The manager of sports companies has a professional profile with technical competences in the different disciplines and is able to manage, promote and organise sports structures and valorise ex-athletes’ experience to create cultural and sports events.

The course foresees an in-person traineeship to be carried out during the three-year course.
A great opportunity for the students is to be enabled to study from home or anywhere, and carry out the traineeship in one of the many IUL’s affiliated centres in Italy.

  • Sports coach and sports technician;
  • teacher of sports activities at school or in the gym;
  • manager expert in directing associations and sports clubs;
  • organiser of sports facilities and sector events.

To be admitted to the course it is necessary to hold a secondary school diploma or other qualifications obtained abroad, recognised as suitable, according to the current legislation.

Fees reductions based on student’s income are not foreseen for the Bachelor’s degree course in “Sports science, management and practice of sport activities”

The total fee for the course is € 2,500  payable in two instalments:

  • € 1,300.00 to be paid upon inscription (if paid before 8/5/21)
  • € 1,200.00 to be paid by 8/05/21

In case of enrolment/initial registration/transfer, the amount of the revenue stamp, € 16.00, must be added to this amount.

Those who will enrol after May 8th 2021 will have to pay the enrolment fee (2.500,00 euros) in a single solution.


For payments made after the established terms, the default fees will be applied as indicated above.

The payment of the second instalment made after the deadline set by the Administration (for those who will register before 8th May 2021) will be subject to the payment of the default fees determined as follows:

– delays up to 30 days: arrears € 30;

– delays of more than 30 days: arrears € 50;

In order to take the exams or other forms of verification and to acquire the relative credits, students must be up-to-date with the payment of the fees due. It will not be possible to issue any certificate concerning the university career of students whose position is irregular.

Persons with disabilities are not required to pay the second instalment of university fees, with recognition of handicap pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, of Law 104 of 1992, or with a disability equal to or greater than 66%. In this case, the total to be paid will be € 1,300.00, to be paid upon registration.

In addition, the costs for enrolment in IUL’s degree and master courses can be sustained by using the teacher bonus card.

After online enrolment, the student is assigned the credentials (username and password) to access the IUL platform.

Within the IUL platform it is possible to follow the video lessons at any time of the day and from any device. For each discipline, support materials (slides and documents in pdf format) and podcasts are available. The student is assisted throughout the course by a specialized tutor who supports the entire educational activity through the forum and responds to requests for further information. In addition, virtual (synchronous) optional meetings are planned which involve the whole class. At the end of each module, the student takes intermediate tests (study of single cases or project work).


Exams take place in person in one of IUL’s affiliated centres in Italy.

1st year  

1 Methodology and didactics of motor activity I M-EDF/01 12
2 Methodology and didactics of motor activity II M-EDF/01 6
2 General and applied hygiene MED/42 6
2 Anthropology BIO/08 12
1 Business management I SECS/07 6
1 History of pedagogy M-PED/02 9


2nd year

2 methodology and didactics of motor activity III M-EDF/01 6
2  General pathology       MED/04 6
1 Experimental pedagogy and new technologies M-PED/04 9
1 Didactics and special pedagogy M-PED/03 6
1 Economics and company management SECS/08 6
1 Physiology BIO/09 9
2 Theory and practice of team sports M-EDF/02 12


3rd year

2 Business management II SECS-P/07 6
1 English language and English translation L-LIN/12 6
1 Glottology and Linguistics L-LIN/01 9
1 Computer Lab 6
2 English Lab 6
1 Sociology of cultural and communication processes  * SPS/08 6*
2 Spanish Language and translation * L-LIN/07 6 *
2 General and social pedagogy* M-PED/01 6 *
In person traineeships (distributed over the years) 25
Final dissertation 5

 *Student’s choice exam (for a Total of 12 ECTS)

  • Registration period: 24 August 2020 - 16 July 2021
  • Opening of ECTS Recognition: 31 August 2020
  • Payment deadline for the first instalment for enrollments in the years following the first: 5 October 2020
  • Payment deadline for the second instalment: 10 May 2021
  • Application deadline for re-enrollment / ECTS recognition A.Y. 2020/2021: 28 May 2021
  • Transfer application deadline: 28 May 2021
  • Deadline for enrollment in single courses: 16 July 2021