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IUL University Info Day, online meetings on 30 and 31 March

On 30 and 31 MarchIUL Telematic University virtually opens its doors with a series of online orientation meetings dedicated to future freshmen and all interested parties.

The webinars are scheduled for Wednesday 30 March from 3.15pm to 5.30pm and Thursday 31 March from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

During the meetings, each lasting 45 minutes, the degree courses that are part of IUL training offer will be presented:

After an introduction by the president of the course of study, the Academic Office staff will illustrate the advantages offered by using the IUL platform. The second part of the event will be dedicated to the presentation of the courses, the study plan and the career opportunities, with the possibility for participants to ask questions and have clarifications.

To participate in the meetings just register here. Shortly before the webinar starts, users will receive instructions via email to access the live session. Registrations close at 11 am on the day of the event.

For information06 96668278

To request personalized tutoring:

Check out the calendar of Info Day meetings >>

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Until Friday 29 October, the online ESM’ 2021 conference on modelling and simulation

The 35th edition of the European annual conference ESM’ 2021 – European Simulation and Modelling, on research, innovation and technologies for modelling and simulation is underway from today, 27 October, until Friday 29.

The three-day conference – organised by Eurosis in collaboration with IUL online University and organised under the aegis of Sydc will be the occasion to showcase the most recent and advanced scientific works on:

– Environmental Sustainability Issues

– Simulation Modelling of Industrial Clusters & Simulation Modeling of Industries

– System Dynamics and Quantitative Methods for the Analysis of Societal Threats

– Modelling and Simulating the Behavioural Dynamics or Organized Groups

– Modelling and Simulation as a Decision Support Tools for Measuring and Predicting Social Impacts

– Modeling and simulation, Data Analytics and BPM as Enablers of the Next Evolution of AI to support Organizational Decision Making and Governance

The event website


“Europe for Youth”, the project to raise awareness of European citizenship in schools, gets underway

IUL Online University, in partnership with the Municipality of Nettuno and the ITIS-LSA “Luigi Trafelli” of Nettuno, presented the project “Europe 4 Youth” which aims to promote European policies, citizenship and European integration with the involvement of institutions, universities, schools and all those who are interested in these issues.

The project involves the organization of a training/information path consisting of a cycle of webinars and educational support activities focused on the opportunities offered by European programmes: study, training and mobility, dissemination of knowledge of European values ​​and common rights, of rights deriving from European citizenship and the importance of developing European integration, the Erasmus 2021-2027 programme, mobility opportunities for young European citizens, and digital citizenship.

The initiative is aimed at students, teachers and all those interested in these issues.

Webinar Calendar – Week 1:

Monday 3 May at 12 – Speaker: Virgilio Dastoli. The discussed themes are: initiatives for the promotion of meetings and informed debates on the future of Europe, and on the principles of the protection of the rule of law.

Tuesday 4 May at 12 – Speaker: Paolo Ponzano. The discussed themes are: the dissemination of knowledge of common European values ​​and rights, rights deriving from European citizenship and the importance of developing European integration.

Wednesday 5 May at 12 – Speaker: Antonio Argenzano. The discussed themes are: the promotion of memory and the historical events that have characterized the path of European integration starting from the Ventotene Manifesto.

Thursday 6 May at 12 – Speaker: Sara Pagliai. The discussed themes are: the opportunities offered by European programmes for citizens, in particular, for the participation of young people in European study, training and mobility programmes.

Friday 7 May at 3 pm – Speaker: Simona Baggiani. The discussed themes are: European education systems and Education and Training 2020 targets: towards a European education area 2025.

To participate in the project and follow the webinars, just fill out the registration form. Shortly before the starting of the webinar, users will receive guidance for accessing the live session, via email.

For information and technical assistance:

Register and follow the webinars >>


The call for papers on STEM learning innovation is open. Proposals can be submitted until 20 August

IUL Research, the international scientific magazine of IUL online university has opened the second call for papers for all the scientific contributions in English or Italian dealing with STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) centred around the student and didactics of the future.

At present, STEM stands for collaborative teaching with the student who becomes involved in problem solving and the designing of solutions based on disciplinary knowledge of technologies, sciences, maths, and more. Reference frameworks for the development of the competences of the XXI-century highlight that in all frameworks there are transversal skills such as communication an ICT literacy. Moreover, the majority of the framework refers to competences such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and quality products development. 

The call is open to proposals based on methods such as Problem, Project e Challenged Based learning that allow to incorporate in the didactic activity methods such as problem solving, inquiry and design-based learning, dealing with real challenges of our times. 

Among the themes required: empirical research in STEM education, approaches and methodologies for STEM educational research, innovative pedagogy and curricula in STEM education, teacher training for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary STEM / STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), STEM education and citizenship, environment and territory, STEM education at a distance and in informal contexts.

The deadline for submitting proposals is set for 20 August 2020.


Link to the submission >>

IUL Research >>


IUL research, IUL’s university scientific magazine, is born. The call for papers is open: proposals submission until 15 April

IUL online university has now its own scientific magazine: IUL research. The magazine is directed by Giovanni Biondi, president of Indire and member of IUL’s academic senate, and aims to gather the best contributions on didactic innovation in six-monthly thematic dossiers, taking active part in the debate on the innovation of the educational system.

The first number of IUL research will be published in June 2020, its theme being “terms and results of educational innovation models”. The call for papers is open to all scientific contributions in Italian or English, dealing with the themes of new teaching and learning methods, the opportunities offered by ICT and digital languages to support new ways of teaching, learning and evaluating, the renovation of physical and architectural spaces, and emerging educational technologies.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 15 April 2020.


To partecipate:

Call for papers – Vol. 1, num. 1, giugno 2020





European mediator for interculture, IUL’s new free course to become a migrant reception operator

Enrolment for the course European mediator for interculture is still open for the academic year 2019/2020.

The pathway has a duration of 1,500 hours (60 ECTS credits) and is offered by IUL online university in collaboration with the MIUR. The course aims at forming intercultural mediators able to govern integration processes in institutions and welcoming centres.

The aim of the path is to form professionals able to operate in the complex world of migration and integration. This theme is extremely current in this historical time in Italy and Europe so as to make the mediator a much required professional figure as it emerges from national policies to guarantee a correct approach to welcoming policies and intercultural dialogue.

The course is completely free of charge and is addressed to Italian and foreign secondary school graduates. In particular, foreigners who benefit of international protection are exempted from the submission of the title of study, without prejudice to the fact that a technical evaluation certified their school level.

The course is delivered in blended mode with online and face-to-face lessons in Florence and in Rome. The traineeship has a duration of at least 150 hours and covers one of these three themes: reception of foreigners who are asking or benefitting of international protection; cultural mediation and enhancement of differences, linguistic and cultural mediation at school.

Enrolment is open until 31 January. Lessons start in February.

See the course description

For further information: