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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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Quality System

The Internal Quality Assurance System ensures effective and efficient achievement of excellence in scientific and technological progress.

The University’s mission is to contribute to the development of the knowledge society through high-quality research and training, using and fully utilising the most modern methodologies and technologies, promoting freedom of research, teaching and learning.

The culture of quality contributes to the achievement of the University’s mission. For this reason, the University’s governing bodies have set up a University Quality Presidium which performs the task of identifying concrete measures and pathways to promote the improvement of the University’s performance and to design, implement and maintain a System of Internal Quality Assurance under the ANVUR guidelines, in compliance with the relevant regulations (Law No. 240/2010, Presidential decree No. 76/2010, Legislative Decree No. 19/2012).

The University Quality Presidium carries out support and implementation actions of the Quality Assurance system for Education and Research, promotes quality culture, carries out surveillance and monitoring activities, promotes continuous improvement and supports University’s facilities in managing quality processes.

The Presidium organises informative training activities for the personnel involved in the process, internal auditing activities on the organisation of training and research, and organises and oversees further initiatives in the implementation of quality policies related to training and research activities.

The interlocutors of the Presidium, within the University, are the Government Bodies for Consultation, and Teaching and Research Facilities (courses of studies, Departments and any linking facilities) for the monitoring and promotion of the continuous improvement of the organisation.

The IUL Internal Quality Assurance System will be subject to periodic review and constant modifications, with a view to continuous improvement, in relation to the development plans and the results achieved.

The University’s Governing Bodies, fully aware of the importance of this strategic choice, will use the Internal Quality Assurance System to strive for excellence in education and training, university research, and in administrative and support services.

The resulting Quality Assurance Policy will be used to define coherent and measurable objectives through appropriate process and product performance indicators, in relation to the needs of all IUL’s academic community (students, professors, researchers and technical- administrative personnel). The objectives will be used as a useful tool to keep under control and improve the level of the services offered in multidisciplinary basic and applied research activities, and in technical and administrative support activities.