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Specialisation/refresher courses

Tax advisory

Specialisation/refresher course 2015/2016

Director: Prof. Lorenzo Ioele/ Coordinator: Prof.Fausto Benedetti

The course provides theoretical and practical knowledge for the management of all the activities related to tax consultancy in centres for fiscal assistance, charitable institutions, and professional firms. The course is addressed to all those wishing to increase their knowledge of methods and procedures for tax consultancy, through the study of the related regulation and the implementation of best practices. The six modules of the course provide students with the necessary competencies to provide thorough tax consultancy.

Theoretical learning will be constantly put into practice through situated learning tools. In order to achieve the diploma, all the end of module/subject tests must be passed. The end of module tests are online multiple choice questionnaires, practice tests and end of module reports. A final project work is foreseen (alternatively, upon formal request to IUL students office, a work experience can be carried out in centres for fiscal assistance, and charitable institutions having an agreement with the university).

The course is addressed to graduate in various disciplines (the minimum qualification to access the course is a secondary school leaving qualification or an equivalent title) and to all those wishing to operate in the tax consulting sector as employees or freelance consultants, and to those who are planning to open their own centres for fiscal assistance or charitable institutions.

The course is activated with a minimum of 30 students

The specialisation/refresher course granting 45 ETCS is entirely delivered online for a total of 1,125 hours. 1 ETCS equals to 25 hours of studying, including lecture-based learning, laboratories and individual study.

The modules require individual study on themes proposed by the tutors, accompanied by synchronous (videoconference) and asynchronous (online forum) activities moderated by the tutors.

Find below the credits distribution:

  1. General Legal framework– IUS/04 – 6 CFU;
  2. The tax system– IUS/12 – 9 CFU;
  3. Types of income– SECS-S/06 – 6 CFU;
  4. Deductible expenses – SECS-P/07 – 4 CFU;
  5. Advance payments, withholding tax and surplus tax– SECS-P/07 – 4 CFU;
  6. Tax credit – SECS-P/07 – 4 CFU

The total fee for the specialisation/refresher course including application fee, attendance and final exam is € 1.200,00 payable in three instalments:

  • € 200,00 to be paid at enrolment
  • €500,00 to be paid by the beginning of the course.
  • €500,00 by 31 July

Enrolment is open until 26 April 2016

For administrative information:

IUL students office, e-mail segreteria@iuline.it; Tel. 055 2380568 / 055 2380385