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Specialisation/refresher courses

Planning and evaluating school innovation A.Y. 2017/18

Specialisation/refresher course AY 2017/2018

Director: Andrea Benassi

Coordinator: Andrea Benassi, Elena Mosa, Silvia Panzavolta, Francesca Storai

The course is addressed to the teachers of primary, upper and lower secondary schools willing to experiment “scenario-based teaching” in their classroom. This is an innovative and sustainable method operating in the framework of competencies-based teaching, already in use in many classes in Europe.

The course has a two-stage structure: scenario-based teaching and teachers’ self-evaluation through the video recordings of the lessons. These two phases are complementary, on one hand to the acquisition of a consolidated method of scenario-based teaching; on the other hand to the improvement of teacher’s class performance.

Scenario-based teaching is a method consolidated through a long period of experimentation. It was successfully introduced as part of the ITEC project promoted by the European commission in 2,500 classes in 20 European countries, involving 50.000 students. Manchester University which is in charge of the monitoring of the project emphasised its many positive aspects which include the use of creative thinking, experiencing different roles for the students and the teacher, the improvement of disciplinary competencies etc.  Subsequently, the method was experimented in national projects, such as “Educational Avant-garde”.

EVIDENT (Evidence-based VIDeo Enquiry iN Teaching) is supported by a wide scientific literature and numerous national and international applications. This method has been applied for three consecutive years in the IUL – Italian University Line’s Bachelor’s degree course “Methods and techniques for educational interaction”.

The course aims to:

  • Provide competency-based teaching methods
  • Develop innovative student-centred teaching scenarios to promote XXI century competencies
  • Experiment new ITC settings in class
  • Acquire self-evaluation methods for self-evaluation of teaching practices through video recording
  • Acquire methods and strategies to interact in a peer learning community


The  specialisation/refresher course granting 20 ETCS is entirely delivered online for a duration of 1 AY (from November 2017 to April 2018) for a total of 500 hours. 1 ETCS equals to 25 hours of studying, including lecture-based learning, laboratories and individual study.

The modules require individual study on themes proposed by the tutors, accompanied by synchronous (videoconference) and asynchronous (online forum) activities moderated by the tutors.

There will be also videoconferences of world-renowned experts: Jim Ayre, prof. Giovanni Biondi, Prof. Mario Castoldi, prof. Francesc Pedró and Prof. Pier Cesare Rivoltella.

Find below the credits distribution:

Modules SDS ETCS
Framing contents and familiarising with them M-PED/04

Experimental pedagogy

Scenario-based teaching planning M-PED/04

Experimental pedagogy

Documentation and self-evaluation through video analysis M-PED/04

Experimental pedagogy

Project Work 3


The total fee for the Specialisation/refresher course including application fee, attendance and (non-compulsory) final exam is € 500,00 to be paid at enrolment.  Enrolment is open until 15 October 2017. Lessons start in November 2017.

For administrative information:

IUL students office, e-mail segreteria@iuline.it; Tel. 055 2380568 / 055 2380385