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Specialisation/refresher courses

Expert in school-museum joint laboratory activities

Specialisation course AY 2017/2918

Director: Prof. Massimo Faggioli

Coordinator: Prof. Marzio Cresci

The course aims to provide tools and guidance to carry out the following activities:

  • Local Didactic laboratories
  • Decentralised classrooms
  • School-museum joint projects

The specialisation course aims to create a professional figure able to establish partnerships between schools, museums, local entities, small museum institutions, and to integrate the school innovation process with activities for the valorisation of the territory and its historical heritage.

Italy has an extensive museological and natural heritage that is not always fully exploited. The expert on cultural heritage education is the professional figure created to fulfil the need of a closer and more productive relationship between schools and museums.

Therefore, the course aims to form a professional figure able to set up and develop innovative joint educational pathways to make the most of our cultural heritage in all its manifestations.

To this end, the course capitalises on the experience of the AMP, Associazione dei piccoli musei (Small Museums Association) and on INDIRE’s experience regarding didactical innovation in schools. Special attention is dedicated to the work experience programme for secondary schools as an activity requiring a strong bond with the territory and all the actors operating on it.

The specialisation course is entirely delivered online and has a duration of 1 academic year (500 hours) granting 20 ECTS credits. 1 ECTS equals to 25 hours, including lectures, laboratories and students’ study time.

The 20 ECTS credits are organised as follows:

Subject I Educational alliance between school and museum: The museum  L-ART/04 – Museology and artistic criticism of restoration 6
Subject II  Educational alliance between school and museum: The territory L-ANT/10 –  Methodologies of archaeological research 6
Subject III  Educational alliance between school and museum: the school M-PED/02 –  History of pedagogy 3
Subject IV, A
for the 1st cycle
Learning about the territory L-ANT/10 –  Methodologies of archaeological research 3
Subject IV, B

For the second cycle


The museum seen as an opportunity M-PED/04 –  Experimental pedagogy 3
Final exam 2
Total 20


The IV subject is divided in two sections, upon student’s choice at the time of enrolment, one for the first cycle of education and another for the second cycle of education.

The total fee for the course is € 500 as a lump sum payment at enrolment.

Enrolment is open until 31/03/18.

The registration form must be sent to the IUL Secretariat (Via M. Buonarroti No. 10 – 50122 Florence) with the following documents annexed:

  • a revenue stamp for the value of € 16.00 (sixteen / 00) must be applied to the first page of the form;
  • a passport type photo signed in original on one side and applied on the first page of the form;
  • a photocopy of a valid identity document;
  • self-certification or original certificate of the qualification and final grade;
  • receipt proving payment of the initial registration fee of € 500.00 made by bank transfer or postal payment slip to the current account in the name of the Italian University Line – IUL. IBAN code: IT 56 R 07601 02800000075042267, or postal payment slip, transaction number 75042267, in the name of the Italian University Line – IUL, Via M. Buonarroti, 10, 50122 Florence.

It is required to indicate the reason for payment: “Enrolment fee for the specialisation course “Expert in school-museum joint laboratory activities” – followed by payer’s name and surname.

The start of the teaching activities is scheduled for 05/03/2018.

For organisational reasons it is advisable to send in advance the registration form by e-mail (segreteria@iuline.it) or fax (055 2380395).

For further information: IUL’s admission office Tel. 055 2380568/055 2380385 – e-mail address: segreteria@iuline.it