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Specialisation/refresher courses

Corporate social responsibility reporting at school

Specialisation/refresher course AY 2018/2019

Course Director – Prof. Massimo Faggioli

Corporate social responsibility reporting represents the final step of the procedures foreseen by the National Evaluation system. The expert figure who is going to provide support in the drawing out of the corporate social responsibility report must be able to present the results and the decisions taken and implemented in schools  from an accountability perspective, thanks to their mastery of the analysis tools, the indicators and the results of the students’ evaluation tests, but also of the legal framework. All these aspects are in fact linked to school autonomy and the specific context in which each school operates.

The course aims to form expert figures endowed with the competences to develop Corporate social responsibility reporting at school.

The actors involved in this process must be able to:

  • Contextualise corporate social responsibility reporting in the referring theoretical framework and in the international landscape that in many countries incudes similar initiatives.
  • Know and apply operational tools and procedural models useful to start data gathering and the drawing out of documents;
  • Know and apply the procedures to involve stakeholders and institutions on the territory.

The course is entirely delivered online and has the duration of 1 academic year for a total of 500 hours granting 20 ECTS credits.

The teaching activities include individual study on contents provided by the teachers and interactive learning activities moderated by disciplinary tutors in synchronous and asynchronous mode.

Contents are organised into 4 modules:

Modules SDS ECTS credits
Module I
Prof. Angelo Paletta
Corporate social responsibility reporting as a means for governance SECS-P/07 Business management 6
Module II

Prof. Cristina Boracchi
and Prof. Lorena Peccolo

Drawing out the Corporate social responsibility report: reference formats and examples M-PED/04  Experimental pedagogy 6
Module III

Prof. Massimo Faggioli

Corporate social responsibility reporting in the school organisation M-PED/03 –  Experimental pedagogy and didactics 3
Module IV

Prof. Serena Greco

Corporate social responsibility reporting in a learning organisation M-PED/04  Experimental pedagogy 3
Final thesis 2
Total 20


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