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Accredited by MIUR (ministerial decree 02/12/2005) and owned by INDIRE and the University of Florence

Student services office

Administration office

The Administration office is responsible for technical, administrative, financial and patrimonial management of the Italian University Line – IUL.

Academic office

The academic office is in charge of:

  • Favouring and promoting communication and information campaigns addressed to students
  • Managing reception and orientation services for the students (help desk)
  • Organising the timetable of synchronous meetings and publish notices on the platform
  • Managing administrative procedures
  • Drafting the certificates as enacted by law
  • Setting up forms and publish them on the university website
  • Setting up exams
  • Providing information on administrative procedures and deadlines

Supervising academic careers and organising the students archive


For further information:

Tel. 055 2380568 / 055 2380385;
Fax 055 2380395