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Accredited by MIUR (ministerial decree 02/12/2005) and owned by INDIRE and the University of Florence

National training plan

PNF01 – Curricula autonomy

PNF - National training plan

Expert:  Dino Cristanini
Lecturer: Antonella Turchi

Duration: 75 hours

PNF02 – strategies, techniques and tools for competencies-based teaching

PNF - Evaluation an improvement

Expert: Giancarlo Cerini
Lecturer: Raffaella Carro

Duration: 75 hours

PNF03 – First steps in the introduction of digital technologies at school

PNF- Digital competencies and new learning environments

Scientific director: Elena Mosa
Lecturer: Federico Longo

Duration: 75 hours

PNF04 – CLIL methods in 21st Century school

PNF - Language competencies

Experts: Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo
Lecturer: Letizia Cinganotto

Duration: 75 hours

PNF05 – Tools for inclusion

PNF - Disability and inclusion

Expert: Dario Ianes

Duration: 75 hours

PNF06 – Models for the development of resources and opportunities in the school context and in the educational community

PNF - Social cohesion and prevention of youth maladjustment

Expert: Patrizia Garista

Duration: 75 hours

PNF07 – Interculturality: a brief history of literature

PNF - Integration, citizenship competencies and global citizenship

Expert: Fausto Benedetti
Lecturer: Francesco Vettori

Duration: 75 hours

PNF08 – The development of the regulation and the productive system

PNF - School and work

Expert: Antonella Zuccaro

Duration: 75 hours

PNF09 – Evaluation and self-evaluation for school improvement

PNF - Evaluation and improvement

Expert: Massimo Faggioli
Lecturer: Francesca Storai

Duration: 75 hours