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1st and 2nd level Professional Master Courses

Profile and Functions of the Consultant in School Improvement – Second edition

1st level professional master course AY 2016/17

Director: Prof. Massimo Faggioli

The course aims to form a professional figure endowed with the necessary skills to support schools in designing and implementing innovation processes. The proposed method is based on the results of the experimentations carried out by Indire on the national projects PQM, VSQ and VALeS, taking into account students’ learning results, didactic methods and organisational innovation of schools. The course provides an overview of the projects proposed by Indire for school innovation, as part of its institutional role. In the new national evaluation system, school improvement is monitored through schools’ self-evaluation. The consultant in school improvement must be able to manage tools for the analysis of indicators and the results of students’ evaluation, and know the legal framework of school autonomy and the provisions of the “Buona scuola” regulation (L. 13 July 2015, n. 107). It is therefore necessary for the consultant to be able to know and distinguish leadership and communication styles of the environment in which he/she operates. During the traineeship Indire’s materials and reference grids for planning, implementation and evaluation of improvement in Italian schools, will be at disposal.

The course is entirely delivered online and has a duration of 1 academic year for a total of 1,500 hours granting 60 ETCS.

1 ETCS equals to 25 hours of studying, including lecture-based learning, laboratories and individual study.

The modules require individual study on themes proposed by the tutors, accompanied by synchronous (videoconferences) and asynchronous (online forums) activities moderated by the tutors.

Modules SDS CFU
MODULE 1  School improvement and innovation development M-PED/04 12
MODULE 2  The legislative developments supporting the new National Evaluation System SPS/11 9
MODULE 3  From self-evaluation to improvement: diagnosis and planning M-PED/03 6
MODULE 4 The consultant: competencies, roles, interaction with the school system. M-PED/01 9
MODULE 5 leadership for innovation and effective improvement SECS-P/07 9
MODULE 6 Applied statistics for improvement monitoring and evaluation M-PED/04 6
Internship 6
Final thesis 3


The total fee, including application fee, attendance and final exam is € 1.200,00 payable in two instalments:

  • 600,00 to be paid at the beginning of the course
  • 600,00 to be paid by September 2017.

For more information contact IUL’s admission office +39 055 2380568 / 055 2380385 e-mail: segreteria@iuline.it