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Accredited by MIUR (ministerial decree 02/12/2005) and owned by INDIRE and the University of Florence

1st and 2nd level Professional Master Courses

Management – Economics, Leadership and Digital Skills – V edition


Director – Dott.  Fausto Benedetti

Coordinator – Dott.ssa  Paola Alvino

The 1st level professional master course Management – Economics, Leadership and Digital Skills

The course is born out of the partnership between IUL (Italian University Line) and the 24 ore Business School. The connection between university and the world of business is nowadays necessary, more than ever. University courses should form the new professional figures able to play apical roles in public and private companies and institutes, such as managers and headmasters.



The course is delivered through e-learning on the IUL digital platform, the total duration is 1,500 hours and it grants 60 ECTS.

The 1,500 hours include self-studying time, the final project work (or internship) and interactive learning.

1 ECTS accounts for 25 hours of student’s work, including synchronous or asynchronous laboratories (forum etc.), individual study and final project work or internship.

Modules SDS ECTS Tot. hours
Module I Relational and managerial competencies SPS/08 – Sociology of cultural and communication processes 6 150
Module II Role and challenges of Leadership SECS-P/10 –   Business management 8 200
Module III Digital & Social Skills


SPS/08 –  Sociology of cultural and communication processes 8 200
Module IV  Models and methods for enterprise economy SECS-P/09 – Corporate finance 12 300
Module V  Marketing and communication strategies SECS-P/08 –  Economics and enterprise management 8 200
Module VI Project Work or internship 12 300
Final exam 6 150
Total 60 1500


The total fee, including application fee, attendance and final exam is € 2.800,00 + 22% VAT for a total of € 3416,00 payable in two instalments:

  • €1.708,00 to be paid at the beginning of the course
  • €1.708,00 euro to be paid by 1 October 2018.


Payments shall be made by bank credit transfer to Sole 24 ORE S.p.A. – bank account details:

  • Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Filiale di Via Quarenghi Milano – IBAN IT76 J030 6909 5571 0000 0006 824

In the purpose of the credit transfer must be included:

  • FEE – Management university course;
  • Course code: OA9505 – Master in Management – percorso on line
  • Billing address;
  • Date and invoice number;
  • Client code

For more information: Paola Alvino  – Tel. 06 3022.6462 – Email: paola.alvino@ilsole24ore.com