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Accredited by MIUR (ministerial decree 02/12/2005) and owned by INDIRE and the University of Florence

1st and 2nd level Professional Master Courses

Corporate lawyer


Director:  Berardino Frontuto

The professional master course (2nd Level) Corporate Lawyer aims to provide the necessary competences to work as a Corporate Lawyer specialised in broad-spectrum consultancy.

The course provides thorough knowledge of the main issues relating to enterprises. The international dimension of business and the increasing need of flexibility require the corporate lawyer to combine the role of manager and lawyer. Starting from the analysis of the intervention areas, the Professional Master course favours the acquisition of a flexible and innovation adaptive approach for the management of corporate issues.

The course is constantly updated with the new legislation, and with the competences and needs required by the job market.



The Professional master course is addressed to all those wishing to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to operate in the field of corporate law.

In order to be admitted it is necessary to hold a master’s degree. The minimum number of participants is 10.

Students from non-EU countries will have to submit their application form (within the deadline set every year by the MIUR) to the Italian Embassies (or Consulates) of the country they live in.

To complete the enrolment process it will be therefore necessary to submit the declaration of value of qualifications issued by recognised educational institutions, and a certified copy of the diplomas. These documents are issued by the Italian Embassies (or Consulates) of the students’ countries of origin.

Applications received after the deadline, lacking the above-mentioned documents and not sent by official consular communication will not be accepted.

Enrolment “upon condition” is not admitted.

The course is delivered in blended mode:

  • In person and online lessons for each module
  • In person internship with host organisations
  • In person discussion of the final thesis

In person lessons will take place in IUL’s university branch in Potenza.

IUL’s educational offer is flexible and is based on prior experience and knowledge of the students.

In addition to the support provided by the teaching staff, IUL’s educational model envisages the constant assistance of a tutor endowed with transversal competencies.

At the end of each topic, an in person exam must be taken and a final thesis, agreed with a professor of the course, must be discussed. In order to be admitted to the final dissertation it is necessary to have passed all the final tests and exams and to have completed the internship.

The discussion of the thesis will take place in IUL’s branch in Florence, or in Potenza.

The final grade accounts for all the marks obtained in each exam.



The Professional master course is delivered in blended mode and has a duration of 1 academic year corresponding to 60 ECTS credits equivalent to 1500 hours of which:

  • 450 hours of in person lectures with 75% compulsory attendance
  • 550 hours of internship
  • 500 hours of online interactive teaching and individual study

The 60 ECTS credits are organised as follows:

Module SDS CFU
Module 1 Elements of civil law IUS/01 – Civil law 6
Module 2 Elements of commercial law IUS/04 – Commercial law 6
Module 3 Elements of criminal law IUS/17 – Criminal law 8
Module 4 Elements of administrative law IUS/10 – Administrative law 4
Module 5 Elements of civil procedure IUS/15 – Civil procedural law 4
Module 6 Elements of criminal procedure IUS/16  – Criminal procedure law 4
Internship 22
Final thesis 6
TOTAL ECTS credits







The total fee for the course is 10,000 payable in two instalments

  • 5000,00 € to be paid upon inscription
  • 5000,00 € to be paid by November 18

In the event of late payment of the second instalment € 30,00 must be added as charge interest on late payment.

The registration form must be sent to the IUL Secretariat (Via M. Buonarroti No. 10 – 50122 Florence) with the following documents annexed:

  • a revenue stamp for the value of € 16.00 (sixteen / 00) must be applied to the first page of the form;
  • a passport type photo signed in original on one side and applied on the first page of the form;
  • a photocopy of a valid identity document;
  • self-certification or original certificate of the qualification and final grade;
  • receipt proving payment of the initial registration fee of € 750.00 made by bank transfer or postal payment slip to the current account in the name of the Italian University Line – IUL. IBAN code: IT 56 R 07601 02800000075042267, or postal payment slip, transaction number 75042267, in the name of the Italian University Line – IUL, Via M. Buonarroti, 10, 50122 Florence.

It is required to indicate the reason for payment: “Enrolment fee for the professional master course corporate lawyer – followed by payer’s name and surname.

The start of the teaching activities is scheduled for February 2018.

For organisational reasons it is advisable to send the registration form in advance by e-mail (segreteria@iuline.it) or fax (055 2380395).

For further information: IUL’s admission office Tel. 055 2380568/055 2380385 – e-mail address: segreteria@iuline.it