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Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes

Sports science, management and practice of sport activities AY 2018/2019

Bachelor’s degree AY 2018/19

President –  Immacolata Messuri

The Bachelor’s degree programme “Sports science, management and practice of sport activities” (L22) is in line with IUL’s educational offer and its mission, devoted to the themes of pedagogy and didactics in language teaching, the use of new technologies, and communication strategies in education and training dynamics. Moreover, the course is in line with the university’s aim of being a point of reference for lifelong learning for everyone wishing to acquire knowledge in their professional sector or to get back to education.

See the University prospectus ——–> http://www.iuline.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Manifesto_IUL_aa_18_19-1.pdf

IUL’s courses can be purchased by using the teacher card which grants teachers in all types and levels of education 500 Euros to be spent for their professional updating.

To know more: http://www.iuline.it/1060-2/

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The course is in line with the fundamental value of the University, namely providing quality education for all.

The degree programme is aimed at prospective sports educators and managers of sport societies provided with the necessary skills to enhance technical competences in different disciplines in order to manage companies and organisations that pride themselves of the experience of ex professional sports players, and organise cultural and sports events encouraging participation in sports.

The course provides Knowledge of:

  • Biological bases of movement and body adaptation to physical exercise in relation to specific characteristics, such as intensity and duration of physical efforts, age and gender of the performer, environmental conditions where the activity takes place;
  • Injury-prevention, compensatory and adaptive techniques in order to be able to teach them according to the age and physical condition of the performer;
  • Techniques and methods for the measurement and evaluation of physical exercise, and ability to assess results;
  • Biomechanics of movement in order to implement training programmes and motor re-education;
  • Techniques and tools for muscle-strengthening activities;
  • Cultural instruments and methods necessary to carry out programmes for motor and sports activities for groups and individuals;
  • Basic psychology and sociology to interact effectively with sports performers, individually or in group, according to their age, gender, social background with special focus on the relationship between sports and developing age;
  • Bases of pedagogy, psychology and didactics to be able to transfer, beside technical knowledge, ethical values and reasons to support an active life style and fair sports practices, free from doping and harmful practices, thanks to the constructive alliance between school, family and sports associations;
  • Bases of legal and economical aspect related to the management of motor and sports activities;
  • one of the languages of the European Union, besides Italian, to allow international communication;


The acquisition of the competences listed above is assessed with subject-based tests at the end of each course, as foreseen by the didactic regulations of the courses of studies.

In view of providing adequate competences to everyone taking part in professional and non-professional sports activities, part of the educational provision is dedicated to forming professional figures able to manage, promote and organise sports facilities in an international perspective. University education provides athletes with professional skills to pass on the values of sports at the end of their professional sports career.

Exams can be taken in all the branch offices of the university of Florence and in the Indire’s regional units:


Florence: Via M. Buonarroti, 10

Rome: Via Guidubaldo del Monte, 54

Naples: Via Guglielmo Melisurgo, 4

Turin: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 70

IUL – online university has approved exam locations in:


Milan: Via della Chiusa, 9, c/o Fondazione ENAC Lombardia – C.F.P. Canossa

Venice – Mestre Zelarino: Via Visinoni, 4/C (c/o FISM Veneto, Centro Cardinal Urbani)

Santa Venerina (CT): Via Aldo Moro (c/o IC Santa Venerina)

Palermo: Via Tembien, 1 (c/o IC M. Buonarroti)

Lecce: Via Michele De Pietro, 14 (c/o Liceo Scientifico C. De Giorgi)

Copertino (LE): Via Regina Isabella (c/o IC “magistrato G. Falcone”)

Genoa: Via Imperiale, 41 (c/o Associazione Consulta diocesana)

Avellino: Via dei Concilii, 1/A (c/o ITE Luigi Amabile)

Dubai: c/o Società Dante Alighieri, Sheikh Zayed Road, 48 Burj


IUL’s Technology centres, exam locations, centres for information and guidance on the educational provision, and assistance with administrative processes can be found in:


Salerno: Via Antonio Amato 20/22 – Perseo SpA Impresa Sociale – segreteria@perseoimpresasociale.it

Mercato San Severino (SA): Via Vincenzo Alfano 35 – CEIM sas – segreteria@ceimistruzione.it

Caserta: Via Giuseppe Maria Bosco 80 – Visione Globale Centro Studi DEAMS – visioneglobale3.0@gmail.com

Florence: Via Cittadella 29 – Consorzio Zenit – a.borsi@consorzio-zenit.it

Reggio Calabria: Via Demetrio Tripepi 14 – ISV Group – info@isvgroup.it

Cassino (FR): Via G. Rossini 69 – Uniformatech – tutor@uniformatech.it

Elmas (CA): Via Eligio Perucca 1 – IAL Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Sardegna S.r.l – Tel. 070.7321749

Nuoro: Via della Resistenza 71 – IAL Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Sardegna S.r.l – Tel. 0784.263008

Sassari: Via G. Prati 22-28 – IAL Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Sardegna S.r.l – Tel. 079.2825041

Olbia: Via Capo Verde 1 – IAL Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Sardegna S.r.l – Tel. 0789.50571

Oristano: Via Cagliari 24 – IAL Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Sardegna S.r.l – Tel. 0783.216086

Ozieri (SS): Via Giusti 1 – IAL Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Sardegna S.r.l – Tel. 079.4120348

Potenza: Via Anzio 36 –  Risorse S.r.l. – info@risorse.web.it – Tel. 0971.1835212

Ancona: Via Valle Miano, 41 ab – www.poliarte.net, – info@poliarte.net – Tel. 0712802979

Foggia: Via Sant’Alfolso Maria de’ Liguori 229 – Formever Lab Impresa sociale –  formeverlab@gmail.com – Tel. 349.8228448 ; 320.7157032 ; 328.8224824

Roma: Via Conca d’Oro, 221 – Athens School Italia – info@athensschool.it – Tel. 0692915030; 800561812




Academic calendar and exam sessions

AY 2018/2019

1st semester

Academic activities

15 October 2018- 11 January 2019

Winter session (2 exam sessions)

15 January 2019- 01 March 2019

2nd Semester

Academic activities

4 March 2019 – 07 June 2018

Summer session (2 exam sessions)

10 June 2019 – 19 July 2019

Autumn session (2 exam sessions)

9 September 2019 – 11 October 2019


Before applying for registration, it is necessary to submit an application for the assessment of your qualifications.

Go to the enrolment page at www.iuline.it and click on “Enrol”. Once you have received your username and password you’ll be able to access the online services.

Select “undergraduate and graduate programmes” in the enrolment menu, then select “prior career assessment” and fill in the “application for the assessment of your qualifications”.

Once your qualifications have been assessed, you can submit your enrolment application online, by selecting “undergraduate and graduate programmes” and then “enrolment application” in the enrolment menu. At this stage, you’ll be asked to upload a photo and a copy of an identity document.

Once the enrolment application has been completed online, it must be printed out, signed and sent by post to “IUL – online university, VIA M. BUONARROTI, 10 – 50122 FIRENZE”.

The registration will be completed at the payment of the first instalment of the tuition fee, when students will be issued their identification number.

Documents to be annexed:

  • The learning agreement (downloadable at the end of the online registration) filled out and signed by the student
  • A revenue stamp for the value of € 16.00 (sixteen / 00) must be applied to the first page of the learning agreement.

Students from non-EU countries will have to submit their application form (within the deadline set every year by the MIUR) to the Italian Embassies (or Consulates) of the country they live in.

To complete the enrolment process it will be therefore necessary to submit the declaration of value of qualifications issued by recognised educational institutions, and a certified copy of the diplomas. These documents are issued by the Italian Embassies (or Consulates) of the students’ countries of origin.

Applications received after the deadline, lacking the above-mentioned documents and not sent by official consular communication will not be accepted.

Enrolment “upon condition” is not admitted.


Go to the Enrolment webpage

The total fee for the course is € 2,500  payable in two instalments:

  • € 1,300.00 to be paid upon inscription
  • € 1,200.00 to be paid by 6/05/19

For further information: IUL’s admission office Tel. 055 2380568/055 2380385 e-mail address: segreteria@iuline.it

Curriculum of the Bachelor’s degree programme Sports science, management and practice of sport activities” (L22)

1st year  

1 Methodology and didactics of motor activity I M-EDF/01 12
2 Methodology and didactics of motor activity II M-EDF/01 6
2 General and applied hygiene MED/42 6
2 Anthropology BIO/08 12
1 Business management I SECS/07 6
1 History of pedagogy M-PED/02 9


2nd year

2 methodology and didactics of motor activity III M-EDF/01 6
2  General pathology       MED/04 6
1 Experimental pedagogy and new technologies


M-PED/04 9
1 Didactics and special pedagogy M-PED/03 6
1 Economics and company management SECS/08 6
1 Physiology BIO/09 9
2 Theory and practice of team sports M-EDF/02 12


3rd year

2 Business management II SECS-P/07 6
1 English language and English translation L-LIN/12 6
1 Glottology and Linguistics L-LIN/01 9
1 Computer Lab 6
2 English Lab 6
1 Sociology of cultural and communication processes  * SPS/08 6*
2 Spanish Language and translation * L-LIN/07 6 *
2 General and social pedagogy* M-PED/01 6 *
In person traineeships (distributed over the years) 25
Final dissertation 5

 *Student’s choice exam (for a Total of 12 ECTS)