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Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes

Methods and techniques for Educational interaction AY 2017/18

Bachelor’s degree AY 2017/18

The Bachelor’s degree course “Methods and techniques for Educational interaction” is mainly addressed to teachers and to all those who wish to work in the education and training sector. The course provides theoretical and practical knowledge to work in the educational and training sector, especially focusing on the use of new learning technologies. The student-centred didactical method offers the students cutting-edge technologies for online communication. One of the strongest points of the course is the daily practical implementation in class of the knowledge acquired.  At completion of the course, graduates can work as educators and as socio-educative instructors in private and public companies, as trainers, instructors and tutors, in the lifelong learning and further training sectors, and in enterprises and trade associations. Graduates can also work as educators in nurseries, in support centres for parents, in preschool and afterschool centres, schools, and in educational centres for children and preadolescents.

The teacher card can be used to cover the cost of IUL courses.

Two years have already passed since the implementation of the regulation which allocated 500 Euros to teachers of all school levels to be spent on professional development.

The course aims at forming a professional figure operating in the education and training sector.

In particular, the bachelor’s degree course provides:

  • Basic theoretic knowledge and operational competencies in pedagogical sciences and didactic methods, integrated with knowledge and skills deriving from philosophical, sociological, psychological, legal and linguistic sciences.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge for the analysis of social and cultural realities, and skills to elaborate, implement, manage and evaluate educational projects;
  • Abilities and competencies in pedagogical projects, didactic methods and communication to plan implement and evaluate lifelong learning projects also through multimedia tools and distance learning;
  • A solid humanistic and scientific cultural base in educational science for infants and preadolescents to manage teaching projects and educational interventions;
  • Skills and competencies for communication and information management;
  • Fluent knowledge of another European language


The course is delivered online and has a duration of 3 years for a total of 180 ECTS. Lessons can be followed anywhere and at any time in order to meet the needs of working students.

Exams can be taken in all the branch offices of the University of Florence and the Indire’s regional units:

  • Milan: Via della Chiusa, 9, c/o Fondazione ENAC Lombardia – C.F.P. Canossa
  • Vernice – Mestre Zelarino: Via Visinoni, 4/C (c/o FISM Veneto, Centro Cardinal Urbani)
  • Santa Venerina (CT): Via Aldo Moro (c/o IC Santa Venerina)
  • Palermo: Via Tembien, 1 (c/o IC M. Buonarroti)
  • Lecce: Via Michele De Pietro, 14 (c/o Liceo Scientifico C. De Giorgi)
  • Copertino (LE): Via Regina Isabella (c/o IC “magistrato G. Falcone”)
  • Genoa: Via Imperiale, 41 (c/o Associazione Consulta diocesana)
  • Avellino: Via dei Concilii, 1/A (c/o ITE Luigi Amabile)

IUL’s Technology centres, exam locations, centres for information and guidance on the educational provision, and assistance with administrative processes can be found in:

Academic calendar and exam sessions a.y. 2017/2018

1st semester

Academic activities

16 October 2017- 12 January 2018

Winter session (2 exam sessions)

15 January 2018- 02 March 2018

2nd Semester

Academic activities

5 March 2018 -8 June 2018

Summer session (2 exam sessions)

11 June 2018 – 20 July 2018

Autumn session (2 exam sessions)

10 September 2018 – 12 October 2018

Final dissertation a.y. 2017/2018

  • Summer session: 16 July 2018 – 31 July 2018
  • Autumn session: 15 October 2018 – 30 October 2018
  • Winter session: 18 February 2019 – 01 March 2019

Before applying for registration, it is necessary to submit an application for the assessment of your qualifications.

Go to the enrolment page at www.iuline.it and click on “Enrol”. Once you have received your username and password you’ll be able to access the online services.

Select “undergraduate and graduate programmes” in the enrolment menu, then select “prior career assessment” and fill in the “application for the assessment of your qualifications”.

Once your qualifications have been assessed, you can submit your enrolment application online, by selecting “undergraduate and graduate programmes” and then “enrolment application” in the enrolment menu. At this stage, you’ll be asked to upload a photo and a copy of an identity document.

Once the enrolment application has been completed online, it must be printed out, signed and sent by post to “ITALIAN UNIVERSITY LINE – IUL, VIA M. BUONARROTI, 10 – 50122 FIRENZE”.

The registration will be completed at the payment of the first instalment of the tuition fee, when students will be issued their identification number.

1st year

2  Pedagogy of human resources M-PED/01 12
1  Pedagogy of educational relationships M-PED/01 12
2  Theory and technique of communication SPS/08 12
1  Research methods in multimedia environments M-PED/04 12
1 History of philosophy I M-FIL/06 6
 Information technology laboratory 6
Total 60


  • 2nd year
2 General psychology M-PSI/01 6
2  Media and symbolic forms M-PED/01 12
1  Didactical planning and evaluation M-PED/04 6
2  Teaching methods and technologies M-PED/03 6
1  History of educational processes M-PED/02 6
2  Theory and methods of educational planning M-PED/03 6
1 Multimedia Editing INF/01 12
 English language laboratory 6
Total 60


  • 3rd year


1 History of philosophy II M-FIL/06 6
2  Audio-visual languages L-ART/06 6
1  Criminal law IUS/17 6
1  Italian literature L-FIL-LET/11 6
1 Aesthetics M-FIL/04 6
1 Educational Technology * M-PED/03 6*
1 Social Psychology * M-PSI/05 6 *
2 Clinical psychology * M-PSI/08 6 *
2 General sociology * SPS/07 6 *
2 Contemporary history * M-STO/04 6 *
Internship 12
Final dissertation 6
Total 60

* Student’s choice exam (12 ECTS in total)