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Enrolment has opened for 2018/19 graduate and post graduate programmes. Among this year’s breakthroughs there is the bachelor’s degree in Sports Science

Enrolment for IUL’s graduate and post graduate programmes has opened. This year’s breakthrough is the bachelor’s degree in Sports science (L22) which adds to the university’s educational provision.

«The bachelor’s degree in sports science – Massimiliano Bizzocchi, IUL’s director has declared – provides an opportunity to everyone wishing to start a career at technical or managerial level in the sports field. This is a continuously expanding area requiring specific competences and professional skills. Over the years, IUL university has gained wide experience by managing the training of sports teachers and tutors as part of the experimentation for student-athletes of the Miur and participating in many projects together with sports clubs and associations. Students can follow most of the lesson online and carryout study and training activities in the university’s branch offices. The aim is to provide a quality pathway that is both flexible and customised on the bases of the needs of each student».

The Bachelor’s degree programme “Sports science, management and practice of sport activities” (L22) provides tools and methodologies ranging from movement knowledge to sports practice, and knowledge in pedagogical, psychological, didactical, economical and communication fields. Among the career opportunities available is the sports manger, a professional figure able to enhance technical competences in different disciplines in order to manage companies and sports organisations.

Moreover, as in the past academic years, the university’s educational offer encompasses the bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in pedagogical disciplines. This year’s breakthrough is the possibility to obtain a qualification by the end of each educational path, as provided for by budget law 2018.

The Bachelor’s degree course “Methods and techniques for Educational interaction” issues the qualification of socio-pedagogical educator.

The Master’s degree course in “Educational innovation and lifelong learning AY 2017/2018” (class LM-57 science of adult education and lifelong learning) grants the qualification of pedagogist.

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